A Von Weinberg and Devonshire event production:


Benefit Concert / Performance / Screening of The Film That Changed The World.

 This event is being hosted to raise money for landmine victims.

Billy Yeager is an award winning singer-songwriter considered by many a musical genius. He is also a film producer and director, artist, activist, humanitarian and controversial performance artist.

He is the nephew of the legendary pinup photographer and model Bunny Yeager.

Billy has written and recorded over 2400 songs and has been discovered numerous times by well-known artists and band managers such as Bruce Hornsby, Rod Stewart, and Doc McGhee.

He has played and recorded with some of the greatest musicians in the world including world renowned bass guitarist Jaco Pastorius.

Billy’s films and music are highly sought after by serious record and film collectors.

In 2016 the documentary film ‘Billy Yeager / The Ineffable Enigma‘ was released:

The Film That Changed The World‘ is an award winning documentary film about the story of Billy and Anais Yeager and the making of the film trilogy ‘Jesus of Malibu’.

For 7 years the Yeagers devoted their lives to create a transcendental film, one that would raise the conscious awareness of humanity and change the world.

Billy’s last public performance was at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, before leaving to the desert to create ‘Jesus of Malibu’.

There’s only 22 seats available for this special event.

Day 1.

7:00 pm – 5 star catering and full bar.

8:00 pm – Screening of ‘The Film That Changed The World’ at the ‘Missile Room’.

Day 2.

7:30 pm – Missile Base tour.

8:00 pm – 5 star catering and full bar.

9:00 pm – Concert / Performance.


* Transportation from Kansas City to the Missile Base.

There is a limited number of ‘Meet and Greet’ tickets; for more information contact Chris Von Weinberg.